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What to Look for in a Notebook Review

What to Look for in a Notebook Review

If you are planning to buy a new notebook, you will need to know few parameters to arrive at the right decision. The major component of a laptop consist of a processor, memory, hard disk, peripherals and connectors.

The processor is the most important peace of that will drive the cost of the notebook. Almost all of them come with dual core and many come with muti core processor. The processor’s number of cores and the clock frequency will broadly define the speed of the processor. However, you may also like to check the benchmarking results if you are not sure about it. You may also like to check the Cache memory that a processor has and if it supports turbo function.

The RAM or the memory is the next important item that you will need to check. Most of the notebooks come today with 4 GB of RAM. If a notebook comes with only 2 GB RAM you may notice slightly sluggish performance if you are running too many applications or if you are running an application that has large memory foot print.

The Hard disk is not a very important parameter, unless you plan to use a lot of video storage. All notebooks come with at least 250 GB Hard disk which is enough for your daily use including photos, notes, and documents.

Almost all the notebooks come with USB connectors, Wired and wireless internet connectivity features. However, some of them do not come with webcam, a feature, that you would like to have. Also HDMI output has become a desirable feature as it can display the content on an external HDMI LCD TV. This may be one of your desirable features.

If you are buying a netbook, you may like to note that it may not come with DVD drive. A DVD drive helps you install software that come on DVDs. It also allows you to watch movies that come on DVDs.

Finally you may like to check for the deals that come with notebooks. Once you find a deal you may like to read the notebook review. And if the things match, you may like to go ahead and buy it.