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Know Your Android Better To Use It Better

Know Your Android Better To Use It Better

Ever since Android was introduced, it has ruled over millions of hearts and thus, the markets as well. Researches have shown that Android holds the biggest share of the global smart phone markets despite the fact that Apple iOS rules in the America. Despite all these mammoth figures about Android usage, I feel that no Android user is actually aware of the true power of this robust and wonderful operating system. I have been an Android phone user ever since its launch in 2008. Using it for such a long time has revealed numerous hidden features before me that I am going to share today. You would realize that most of them are related to security (something that Android is not known for) and the ease of device accessing. Though I feel that many features are still undiscovered, in this write up, I will discuss about the top 4 that pulled my notice.

Direct data transfer With Android as a platform, all smart phones and tablets become a powerful mode of file transfer with the help of mobile apps that act as a mediator. They can connect the NFC (Near Field Communication) devices with non-NFC devices. Users can use their network connection to create a bridge between devices for file transfers.

PC keyboard mode Generally the keyboards that we use on our Android smart phones are based on simple usage. Users need to press a character to access other characters and alphabets but there is another way too that simplifies keypad’s appearance. Just go to the input settings on your smart phone’s keypad options and select Google keyboard’s settings. Choose custom layouts before tick marking “PC” in the layout. Now whenever you would type on your Android smart phone, your keypad would appear just like PC keyboard. This option works best in Android tablets.

Data backup Android has always been criticized for its data storage inabilities accumulated by various apps on Android-based devices. People often complain that they lose their data, while changing their device or attempting to boot it. They are unaware of the option that could save the data and let you work as if nothing has changed. In fact, there are not one but two ways to back up the data.

The first way is to connect your Android phone to your PC or laptop and deploy Android Debug Bridge to back up your data.

The second option is the apps that back up your data in the cloud. In this function, you would not even need a PC. This works best in the enterprises that have heaps of confidential and sensitive data to care about.

Encrypting the phone It is always better for smart phone users to maintain its security by using all available security features and data encryption is one of them. This would prevent phones from unauthorized access that could cause serious damages especially, if that smart phone is used for enterprise mobility purposes. For this, users need to go to “Settings” and check the option “encrypt my phone”. Upon checking this option, they would have to follow a process of setting up a username and a password or a PIN. Upon successful completion of the process, all they need is to do is to feed in the login details or that PIN to encrypt your data. However, users will have to remember their credentials else, they would have to reset the entire phone.

Upon knowing these powerful features of your Android, I am sure that you will use your smart phone even more smartly, make it robust and work in a better and secure mode.

The author has years of experience as an android app development . He has worked in different app development companies and currently working as an iPhone app development company expert in Dallas, Texas based company.