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Founded School To Advance The Emerging Field Of Mobile Photography

Founded School To Advance The Emerging Field Of Mobile Photography

By Gathering the Top Talents in Academia to Provide a World-Class Curriculum in Utilizing Portable Devices for Picture and Video Taking, Techxar Strives to be an Industry Leader in Mobile Photography Technologies

January 12, 2015 – San Mateo, California U.S.A.

Techxar, academia, and the community leaders have worked together to create Techxar Photography School, an educational and social environment where photography lovers can feel confident and be creative by learning and improving their skills in the field of the rapidly emerging mobile photography.

The first course offered by the School will be The Art of iPhoneography Self-Portraiture, taught by internationally recognized photographer and author, Susan Tuttle. Susan has been awarded and exhibited works in mobile photography at Paris, London, New York City, Prague, throughout New England, and most recently at Hollywood. In addition to the techniques covered and her approach to creating inspiring images with ideas for composition with iPhone, Susan will explore and experiment the use of Techxar Photo Video Light in low light settings.

As the field of mobile photography is developed and matured, Techxar will continue to add to its comprehensive list of courses. These courses will be both online and in classroom with world class instructors specialized in mobile photography. From still photography to artistic composition, from high hue environment to low light setting with Techxar light, students will be able to explore and experiment all aspects of mobile photography by attending these courses.

For more information on Techxar Photography School, including admission and course listing, please visit Techxar Website for school information and application process.

About Photo Video Light

Pinhole cameras on mobile phones require significant light input in order to capture high quality images. Coupled with relatively under powered built-in LED flash, mobile phones such as iPhone have a need for external light sources to improve image quality of photo and video in low light setting. Techxar Photo Video Light is the first iPhone accessory to provide illumination for both the front and the back cameras. Both lights are built into one compact unit that can be quickly and easily plug onto iPhone when additional light is needed. TX5 is also a 2200 mAh backup battery for iPhone. The combination of additional lights with backup battery makes it a perfect iPhone companion. As a Made for iPhone accessory, it has been designed to connect specifically to iPhones Lightning connector, respectively, and has been certified to meet Apple performance standards for charging iPhone on the go.

About Techxar

Techxar is a leading provider of illumination technologies for the rapidly growing mobile photography market. Additional company and product information is available online at Techxar for details.

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